The future of Hygiene with Hindware’s Touch free Flushing Technology. Hindware is proud to launch its Touch Free Flushing Technology. A revolutionary new way that lets you flush with a simple wave of the hand. The Touch Free Flushing Technology ensures that your bathroom stays completely
germ and bacteria-free.

Hindware Strauss(N) Built-in Bath Tub
Hindare Vantage (N) Built-in Bath Tub
Hindware Trendy Built-in Bath Tub
Hindware Marina Built-in Bath Tub
Hindware Trendy Plus Built-in Bath Tub
Hindware Crystal Over Counter Basin
Hindware Italian Collection Aspiro
Hindware Italian Collection Amazon Mini
Hindware Italian Collection Amazon Table
Hindware Corto Standard Urinal
Hindware Edge Senso Urinal
Hindware Senso Art Sensor Urinal
Hindware Flow Sensor Urinal
Hindware Enigma Sensor Urinal
Hindware Aquafree Waterless Urinal
Hindware Tozzo Touchfree One Piece EWC

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